How big is it? A guide to agile estimation

I gave a talk at LondonWeb a couple of weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. I tried to broadcast it with Google Hangout on Air, but the hotel wi-fi was rubbish. Luckily, @nathanlon recorded it too, so here it is:

and the slides:

Slides for ‘How big is it? A guide to agile estimation’

R15N: Join the revolution

Telekommunisten has created a new artwork, named R15N it’s a revolution! We’ll be the official miscommunication platform at this years Transmediale festival in Berlin, come and visit us. In the meantime, here’s a slideshow that explains the platform. You can read more about R15N here: and Telekommunisten here:

Edit: Stupid WordPress Y U NO EMbED GOOGLE DOC?

To see it, please go here:

Speaking at the London Global Scrum Gathering!

I’ve held off mentioning this until I got back from holiday, but I received this email while away:

Your submission, ”The Anatomical Dissection of a Sprint Backlog”, has been accepted into the programme for the London Global ScrumGathering on the 11th-13th of October 2011.

I’m so excited about this, you have no idea! So, if anyone has any great charts, graphs, hints, tips or ideas on how to use your sprint backlog, then let me know!

Being agile

Some time ago I held an Agile Dojo at Affiliate Window. It was an entire morning of grass-roots agile training, taking the department back to basics and helping them (and me) understand what ‘Being Agile’ means, there was an accompanying deck of slides, which I’ve redone in full on technicolor and without the need for me presenting them. This was for new starters and those that missed the session or needed a refresher. I thought I would post to slideshare in order to make it easier for people to view it, then I figured I’d post it here too. 😉

UX for Developers

Last night I gave a talk at the January PHPLondon meetup at the Doggetts Coat and Badge near Blackfriars. It was a great night and I’m pleased that so many people enjoyed the presentation. I forgot to bring my camera this time, I so didn’t get it recorded, there was some audio recorded so when I get my hands on that, I’ll create a SlideCast on, in the meantime, you can enjoy the slides here, completely out of context:

If you’ve got any questions on UX, then please drop me an email and I’ll do my best to answer them. I know there were a few after the talk, so if there’s anything that needs clarifying, just let me know!

Also, if you did attend, please head over to to rate my delivery and content, it only takes about 10 seconds. Thanks!

Also, my company, Affiliate Window are still hiring. So, if you’re a PHP developer of any level, QA tester or a designer, then please get in touch, we might have something for you!