I was sent a product to review recently. This is the first time it has happened and I was delighted to oblige, as well, who doesn’t like free stuff? More importantly, it’s COOL free stuff.

The butterfly board is a whiteboard from the future. Now, you’ve probably either used, seen, heard of, or otherwise understand what a whiteboard is. If not, the internet is probably not a place you visit often. Either way, I’m not going to talk much about the whiteboard properties of a butterfly board as, well, they’re pretty self explanatory. But, if not, here is a picture of its whiteboard-y-ness.

This is not me, but it could be. It could also be you.

Whats this? A small, table-top whiteboard? What is this nonsense?

Oh, it’s more than that, it’s a portable whiteboard. WITH HINGES. MAGNETIC HINGES. Why has no-one thought of this before? You can make a whiteboard book, or simply make your whiteboard larger as it all snaps together. Did I mention the magnetic hinges?

Scalable (Snap Binding).jpg
Stick them together, make it massive. Have pretty nails.

Of course, the benefit of magnets is they not only stick to each other, they also stick to metal things, so you can smack the pages of your ButterflyBoard on a wall (or, another whiteboard, how meta). See:

Use case- brainstorming.jpg

This is so cool. Apart from the obviously fake marketing shot. “SCALABLE SUPER”

The pen is also pretty cool. It’s got an eraser on one end (which I never use, I just use the edge of my hand, then wipe my hand on my trousers like a five year old). It’s super thin, so you can make pretty pictures of butterflies.

You could also do other things with a thin pen.

Of course, you can use a regular sized whiteboard marker on it too. It writes just like a regular whiteboard, and smudges like one too. So, it’s handy that you can fold it up, one board of the ButterflyBoard can cover another, meaning that your beautiful butterfly picture won’t get ruined with it in your bag.

Talking of bags, it also comes in one. Which is good, as you don’t want to get marker all over the inside of your actual bag.

It’s sized just right – it’s like a large note book in terms of size, so plenty of writing space and not so big that it doesn’t fit in your bag or under your arm. It’s also light, but reasonably stiff, so you can write on it while it’s on your lap (just don’t get marker on your white trousers grandad).

If I hadn’t already been sent one, I would definitely have bought one, they fit nicely in your bag and so make a useful doodle/scratch pad and what self-respecting agile coach wouldn’t want a whiteboard with them at all times?

If you want to read more, watch videos or get yourself one, there’s an indiegogo thing running here: igg.me/at/butterflyboard.

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