I’ve started a new Slack channel called #agile. You can find out more and signup at http://hashtagagile.com.

A while ago I started a #people Slack channel, for discussion around HR, management and people ops. At the moment there are ~260 people on that channel. It’s not always busy, but there’s usually someone to ask about things, or just have a conversation with. I looked for a similar channel for agile discussion, but came up short – so, I thought I’d make my own.

There is no shortage of forums and websites, communities and clubs with which to talk about agile, ask questions and get answers. What there isn’t, though, is somewhere to get live chat, instant replies and all the other good stuff that you get from something like Slack. #agile is a chat community for talking about all things agile: from software engineering to scrum mastering, methodologies, culture, process and anything else.

So, if you’re interested in chatting with other folk about all things agile, then head to http://hashtagagile.com, sign up and join in the conversation. It’s a bit quiet at the moment, as it’s only just started, but all it needs is your voice as one of the founders to make it useful.

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