Friday Link Dump

Fridays, so close to the weekend you can almost taste the lay-in and the breakfast burrito. So, to hurry it along, here are some of my favourite links this week:


The Unmyths of Estimating

The war between estimates vs #noEstimates still rages on and this is an interesting piece that evokes the dark, magelike forces of statistics and probability.

The Science Of When You Need In-Person Communication

It’s a little bit one-sided in it’s presentation, but this article does bring together some good evidence on in-person meetings. In a world where remote workers, Google Hangouts and Skyping are more and more frequent, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of touching someone (not like that, weirdo). Still, it does raise the question whether the details (like touch) of in-person meetings have an opposite or equal behaviour in remote meetings?

Going To A Conference? Don’t Waste Your Time

Careful with this title, it’s not “Don’t waste time by going to conferences” (which I thought it was – damn linkbait) instead, it’s “Going to a conference? Use your time wisely there.”. Interesting take on how to view conferences as a source for asking more questions.

Doctor Who Spin Off: Class

Doctor Who (and its spinoffs) are one of my favourite ways to pass the time, so, news of a new spin off, called “Class” by young adult author Patrick Ness is pretty exciting. No news on what it’s about yet, other than the school, but I’m looking forward to it anyway.

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