Have you read the manifesto?

I sometimes wonder whether people have actually even read the Agile manifesto. It is made of four core values and 12 principles, I won’t paste them all here, you can find them at the above link. Maybe the principles are hard to find, but you can read them here.

That’s all there is to it. Agile isn’t a “framework” or a “methodology”, if anything, it’s common sense. Common sense described in four values and 12 principles.

Agile is not a synonym for scrum, or kanban, or anything else. The term “Agile” shouldn’t be used as a description of an all encompassing set of practices that it doesn’t describe. For example, what does “Agile adoption” even mean in this context? Does it mean you’ve finally decided to use common sense? No, it means a company is adopting a framework or methodology that is inspired by the Agile manifestos values and principles, such as Scrum.

Agile is a mindset, a way of being. So please, stop posting things about how “Agile has failed”, or “Agile does damage” unless you actually mean that common sense has failed, or common sense has caused damage. Which is unlikely.

Remember, you don’t DO agile, you ARE agile, it’s a way of being, not something you do.

3 thoughts on “Have you read the manifesto?

  1. I hadn’t until now; It’s funny how many people don’t understand the manifesto. I remember when our company put out a job advertisement and used the word “agile”. What we’re doing doesn’t match the manifesto in the slightest!

    It also reminds me of the term DevOps which has been bastardized. I was taking a Puppet survey and they asked if I was “implementing DevOps”. I didn’t know what to think … do you tell your developers to learn a bit of the sysadmin trade and say “Yep, implemented DevOps”. *sigh*.

  2. I once interviewed a candidate who admitted his idea of Agile was doing a stand-up ONLY…… I told him the difference between a chisel in his hand and that of Michaelangelo was the Sistine Chapel……

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