Should I update my CV?

I receive about 2 emails a day and probably three or four calls a week from recruiters who have an old version of my CV in their hand. The version they have is usually very out of date (some context: the company I currently work for employed me as a senior developer, then I became an agile coach, now I’m head of development) and is from a previous development job I had.

My question is, should I update my CV and upload to Monster/Jobserve etc and respond to recruiters with it so at least they send me emails and call me about relevant jobs, or is that sending the wrong message to my company?

To be clear, I’m not looking for a new job, I’m looking to reduce the amount of irrelevant mail and phone calls I receive.

How often do you update your CV or your LinkedIN profile? Does updating either of these things send the wrong message? Even if it’s just for the sake of updating it?

3 thoughts on “Should I update my CV?

  1. Mike

    If you update it on the site, the recruiters get informed. They think your looking and will call you..
    Your better off removing any cv’s you have on there..


  2. I have up-to-date CV’s lodged with Jobserve and other sites, but I still get calls and emails from agencies with jobs that bear very little resemblance to the skills or experience on my latest CV, so I don’t think it’ll make any difference.

    Many recruiters are just lazy..they find a one-word match in their database and fire off an email without actually reading the whole CV. I’ve also now blocked my LinkedIn network as I was finding many recruiters connecting with me just so they could “pimp my network” rather than offer me anything useful directly.


  3. Only just seen this Mike. I would strongly advise against uploading a new CV to any job board unless you want to be called upwards of 25 times a day and e-mailed continuously for months. I think it’s fair to say that most companies would also see this as a sign that you were actively looking to leave.

    Updating Linkedin is a good idea as generally recruiters will find an old version of your CV and then look at your Linkedin profile to see if the role will still be suitable. The more information you can include the better your chances of receiving irrelevant messages.

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