An awful user experience

I’ve been trying to transfer a domain to a new provider. The old one (, while still holding the domain for me (via didn’t respond to emails, calls or support requests, so I needed to deal with, which is Tucows or something. Their support was great and they sent me the domain transfer authorisation code after didn’t and I started the transfer.

Today, I received the following email:

Bad Email
What is this I don't even?

I had to read it several times before I understand that I could either ignore it and the transfer would happen, or click on the link and the transfer would happen. 

So, I want it to happen quickly, so I clicked on the link and saw this:


I had two checkboxes to check and, yes, I could check them both. I didn’t, however, I only checked the one I needed.

These guys must do a lot of business, why is their system so clunky and, well, shit?

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