Goodbye Servelocity…

I used to have an account with Servelocity. They were fairly cheap, but their implementation of Plesk was shockingly buggy and their customer service was non-existent, even if you used the premium support line. I did kind of feel sorry for the staff working there as they even seemed to give up using the forum after a while as they would just get trolled.

Today, I received this email and it’s testament to everything that is wrong with a webhost that has this on their support page: As the majority of our customer base are highly technically able and in order to provide the most competitive product possible our private servers do not come with support as standard.

Dear Subscriber,

We advise that Servelocity Ltd.  will not be able to offer services to you after the end of March 2011.

We thank you for your support in the past.

Yours Faithfully,
Servelocity Ltd.

So long Servelocity.

One thought on “Goodbye Servelocity…

  1. i too was a customer of theirs, i really got on well with the service. I cant say i used plesk much i just ssh’ed in. I still miss their service actually, the hosts i use, and have used since, just dont come up. a VPs that uses 1gb of ram just to run i ask?!?! .. never had any of this with my slacky server. I did used to get responces from them but their access to hardware got sold up for cloud style-hosting, i think it just became too much of a headache.

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