101 years ago : the regicide - Há 101 anos : o regicídio by * starrynight1, on Flickr
A coach (not me!). (101 years ago: the regicide by starrynight on flickr)

Well, it wasn’t long ago that I was posting about having a new job. It turns out that I can post it again now. Affiliate Window, the lovely people with whom I am currently employed, are about to start rapidly expanding. One of the reasons I joined AWin was because they’re agile and they do scrum – and I love scrum.

It’s not a perfect implementation of scrum (but, where is there such a thing?), but it’s pretty good. However, with 6 new teams coming on board and one potentially being international, getting a process down that works for everyone and across teams has become fairly key.

One of the reason Affiliate Window chose to employ me over some other developer, was that I love scrum (did I say that already?). So, with the expansion ahead and a not-quite-right process, something needed to be done! That’s where I come in. I was offered the role of Agile Coach, which I nearly bit the hand off my boss to accept (well, almost, eh Karol?). It’s something I’ve thought about doing before, coaching or training, but never really had a clear idea of how to get into doing that.

So, from here on in you can call me Coach Mike, or just Coach. I’m scrum master of two teams (three when there’s more), researching processes, removing impediments, training and ensuring that we’re continually improving our process while making sure we stay agile. So, I would imagine there will be more agile/scrum posts in the future – stay tuned!

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