So, I’ve been working on an open source project called Thimbl with some good friends of mine. It’s a Twitter clone that is open source, decentralised and free. The most important of those three is … well – all of them. Some blurb from thimbl.net site:

Thimbl is a Manifesto for the Open Web written in code. The most significant challenge the open web will need to overcome is not technical, it is political. Welcome to thimbl, the free, open source, distributed micro-blogging platform. If you’re tired of being locked in to one micro-blogging platform, or a single social network. Or you’re weary of corporations hi-jacking your updates in the pursuit of money, then thimbl is for you.


One of the original motivating factors that caused us to get off our collective touches and get thimbl written was the Transmediale Open Web Award. This is a joint venture with Mozilla to award the best of a great bunch of Open Web projects funding and a welcome kickstart to build take the project to the next level. For myself and the thimbl team, winning this award and taking thimbl to a more mainstream public is the next step on the road to a more open web and this is nothing but a good thing.

So, after 100’s of applications were submitted to Tramsmediale, these were whittled down by a panel to just three great projects, thimbl being one of those. I really believe we can win this award and show the online world there’s more choice than just twitter or facebook and join the ranks of those trying to do things more openly, like identi.ca and diaspora.

You can help! We’ve got an account on Mozilla’s drumbeat.org and our votes there will be what wins this for the team. We’ll be given supported status and benefit from the great things the Mozilla foundation can do for open projects. Head over to the drumbeat.org site at https://www.drumbeat.org/project/thimbl-decentralized-micro-blogging-platform and start voting for us. If you’re a fan of the open web, or even just a fan of choice, then please help us out and vote!

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