It’s always greener…

It’s with great emotion that I am to leave Jellyfish, where I currently work, and head over to join the team at Affiliate Window. My time at Jellyfish has been interesting. I leave more tooled up than when I arrived but also weathered and with a firm understanding of how small businesses become big businesses and the mistakes they make on the journey…

Well, I certainly don’t want to burn bridges and, to be honest, I don’t have any dirty laundry to air. The people I have worked with at Jellyfish have been an inspiration to me – I’ve learnt a hell of a lot from my colleagues and they’ve since become friends; good friends whom I shall endeavour to keep in touch with. I’ve picked up a lot of new skills along the way and even worked on one or two interesting projects (the last project being the  most interesting, but also commercial sensitive, so it’ll have to wait for launch until I say anything!).

So. Thanks Jellyfish – may your tendrils be wobbly and your body see-through and your life-span infinite. It’s been a blast. Perhaps we’ll waltz again some day (if you need a dev-manager, or a product owner ;)).

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