a whole jar of awesomesauce

A head assembly on a Seagate hard drive
Not my harddrive - Image by Robert Scoble @ Flickr

I recently purchased a new hard drive for my aging Mac from Storing everything on my NAS so I have more space on my mac is a pain-in-the-ass, so I decided to get a larger capacity drive so I can store everything locally as well. I placed an order on the Tuesday and paid for the courier delivery as I needed the drive before the weekend.

On the Wednesday I recieved an email stating that the drive had been shipped and would be with me on Friday – awesome. I was very excited, I nearly bought a macchiato to celebrate.

Anyway, the next day, I received an email stating there had been a problem and that the drive hadn’t shipped so wouldn’t be with me until the following Monday. I was pretty pissed off about that, so I emailed and said, I thought the item was in stock and would be delivered by Friday, if I’d known there would be a problem, I’d have ordered another item.

I also asked if I could be refunded the difference between the Courier and Royal Mail delivery as paying for the courier delivery wouldn’t have got me the item on time. I was amazed to recieve this response:

I’m sorry there has been a delay with your item. This was due a collection

issue with our courier company.

We can as a gesture of goodwill offer you the Seagate Momentus 7200 RPM

500GB drive for you at the same price – delivery for Friday.

Or we can progress with the Scorpio for delivery Monday with the difference

on the courier refunded.

Please let us know.

Best Regards


Awesomesauce! A better harddrive (I only ordered a 5400) and delivery the next day! Well, I asked if they could send me a drive, any drive, by Friday and lo, when I arrived at work this morning, it was waiting for me. A pre-9am delivery no less.

So, thank you, your customer service is second to none and I will be a customer for life now.

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