How many work (non-weekend) days between now and then?

As a developer, it’s not often you get to use a do { … } while(); loop, so, while you do (see what I did there?), it’s time for a celebration!

I needed to find the number of work days between two dates (now and then), I’d seen many, many much longer functions on the web and decided there must be an easier way to do it. So, this is it.


 * @desc    Return how many non-weekend days between two dates
 * @param   timestamp $toDate
 * @param   timestamp $fromDate
 * @author  Mike Pearce <>
 * @return  integer
function howManyWorkDays($toDate, $fromDate = FALSE)
    // The time RIGHT NOWs
    if (!$fromDate) $fromDate = time();
    $numberOfDays = 0;
    // Is it a timestamp? Maybe.
    if (
        is_int($toDate) AND 
        $toDate > $fromDate
        // While the current time is less than the time in the future
        do {
            // Add 1 day to the current time
            $fromDate = strtotime("+1 day", $fromDate);
            // If that day is a WEEKDAY, increment.
            if (date("N", $fromDate) < 6)
        } while($fromDate < $toDate);
    // Number of work days between now and then
    return $numberOfDays;

echo "Workdays between until Christmas Day: ". howManyWorkDays(strtotime("25th December"));

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