Anti Agile? Moi? I think not!

‘”Doing Scrum” is as meaningless (and impossible) as creating an instance of an abstract class.’
– Tobias Mayer

This is a quote from Tobias Mayer, a certified scrum trainer. I had an opportunity to today to describe exactly what this means. I was accused of using the quote as “anti-scrum” and I think that opinion is so wide of the mark, it’s almost firing backwards.

If you’re actively trying to “do scrum” in your workplace, then I think that you’re missing the point about scrum itself. Scrum is just a framework, a tool you use to help you achieve your goals and the goals of the business for which you excercise your talent and skills. Don’t waste time on trying to “do scrum” – you’re either doing it or not. It’s a simple set of rules that are bolted on top of the agile manifesto.

Even if you’re not doing “scrum”, but you’re doing “scrum-but” (ie: “We do scrum, but …” – thanks Jimi Fosdick!), then don’t sweat it. If you’re delivering potentially shippable software at the end of every sprint, then you’re on track. With any luck (and a bit of judgment and guidance from your Scrum Master) you’ll start to stick closer to the rules as you inspect and adapt and begin to adopt the manifesto through the medium of retrospectives.

It’s all about not breaking the rules. No one wants to play games with people who break the rules, it means there’s nothing tangible, no edges or borders, no boundaries with which to keep the game flowing.

As Tobias says, Scrum is about surfacing organizational dysfunction, instead of bending the rules

Read the entire article entitled, Scrum Doesn’t Do Anything here.

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