Try this in your standup tomorrow;

Wait until it’s your turn to offer yesterday/today/blockers, the make something up. See if anyone notices. If they do, then you appear to be doing scrum properly as your team are interested in what you have to say. If no-one bats an eyelid, then you’ve got a problem. The standup is an information radiator, some way of telling your team and anyone else who is interested, exactly what it is you’re doing. If what you’re doing is dull, then spice it up a bit. If it’s the same thing as you were doing yesterday and probably the same thing as you’re doing tomorrow, then try and be a bit more detailed – what EXACTLY did you do.

If people are genuinely not interested, then perhaps you’ve structured your team wrong. Really, you should all be working round the same kind of area, so if people aren’t interested because it’s not something they do, or will do, then it sounds like you may not be swarming and your developers are siloed. If that’s the case, then shake things up, because you’re not doing scrum!

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