CSM Certificate

Some people are like Yay! others are Boo! Me? I’m more meh…

I can understand both sides and, frankly, can’t get behind either. Some say that the CSM course isn’t about learning how to do scrum, but learning how to take scrum to your business. That’s fine. These people, they say “Why do you need a certificate for something that you can prove you know by doing?” Well, you need to find somewhere to do it first, surely? Being a CSM makes it much easier to get a job as a scrum master, and, once you’ve got that foot in the door, you can then start to prove yourself as a CSM by actually doing. Fair enough right?

Others, they say; “OK, so what’s the point in the certificate in the first place?” and I say, well, I concede that point also. Going on the CSM course is enough, as long as you can say you were on the CSM course – how do you do that? With your automatic entry to the Scrum Alliance, you can looked up on the register.

Well, I say meh… If it helps you get a job, then great! If it helps you get a foot in the door, then great. If it helps you pay attention more in the training, then that’s awesome too. Just don’t worry to much about it. At the end of the day, it’s what you DO in the day to day of running your sprints that counts.

Besides, the industry is full of certificates and exams that mean exactly squat. It’s just like university – you prove you can learn and retain enough knowledge to pass a test; although it’s a hell of a lot cheaper!

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